Hey there…

Are you ready to take that next step? Writing is tough. Getting feedback makes wordsmithing look like a walk in the park. So why would anyone do this to themselves?

That’s a great question.


Because it matters

I know, I know.

“Duh, Ally, tell me something I don’t already know.” Sure, I need an editor, and sure, my book needs some work even though I’ve bled like a stuck pig on the page.”

(I’m all about good visuals, aren’t you?)

But let me ask you this…


Does *your* story matter?

I think it does. Done right, your story could mean a lot to a reader. In fact, it might even change somebody’s life.

Think I’m being dramatic? Follow the white rabbit, my friend, and let me show you just how much impact one little story can have.

One-Way Ticket to Wonderland