Back on the Horse…

You know how things in life happen, and suddenly, nothing’s working quite the way you thought it would? Damn, it’s hard to get a handle on things when life shifts.

I recently moved across the country, and I love my new home. Seattle is everything I was looking for. But that change came with some stressful moments, and a personal crisis meant I was unable to work on my writing. I had to focus every bit of energy on the emergencies that were in front of me.

Now, even as things start to settle into a semi-rhythm, I find myself hesitant to open Scrivener, pausing even to think I could write again. Not when emotions still linger too close, and life might decide to take another twist I didn’t expect. I can’t take one more perceived failure or shortcoming. Except…

I’m a writer. It’s what I do. When I don’t write, my mental health suffers.

In fact, writing makes me a better editor. When your job is to criticize someone else’s work, it helps if you know how it works, too…and it makes you more sensitive to how and when to express feedback.

So how the heck do you get back to it when everything in you resists?

You do it anyway.

I know. Not exactly the solution anyone wants to hear. But that’s what you do—you put one foot in front of the other and keep going. And sometimes, you let your friends help guide the way.

Writing Challenge Monday

Today, we’re having a writing challenge. You can join in at your leisure. The goal? Writing. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. You set your goal, you decide how long, and you can check in with us as you go.

You can join us here: