Craft Books

I’ve either mentioned these on the podcast, a live stream (Blab or Periscope), or simply believe in them wholeheartedly.

The 90-Day Series
Al Watt

The 90-Day Novel came across my desk one day, and I was hooked. Don’t be decieved by the title: this isn’t a write-it-fast method. But it’s one of the best craft/self-help books for writers I’ve ever read. Also check out The 90-Day Rewrite, The 90-Day Screenplay, and Al’s in-person and by phone workshops.

Writing the Breakout Novel & Workbook
Donald Maass

These books changed how I approached writing and, more importantly, how I delved into rewriting. They’re not for the faint of heart—they’ll challenge your process in ways you never thought possible. Also check out The Breakout Novelist

Finding Your Writer’s voice
Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall

A brilliant craft book on teaching you to discover the sound that is unique to you. You want to know what sets some books apart and makes them unfortgettable? THIS IS IT.

The 90-Day Novel Workshop

You want awesome? You got it. Hosted by Al Watt, author of The 90-Day series, guides you through your first draft with caring expertise and gentle encouragement. You won’t stall out or get stuck when you have a support group second to none. I consider Al a friend and expert of craft—I highly recommend this course.