Episode 79: Chat with Author Jenny Trout

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We’ve talked about this for a long time, and she’s finally here! Jenny Trout is both a popular author and the snarky blogger behind the 50 Shades of Grey recaps. Jenny’s writing career had turned bleak when she found herself amused and frustrated by the overnight success of the erotic romance trilogy, but eventually, she was enraged due to the domestic violence and abuse promoted in the series. She became an internet sensation as a result of her chapter-by-chapter responses, and as a result, her own writing career received new life. Jenny is funny, insightful, and straightforward, and Jonathan Bruce and I had an amazing time chatting with her.

If you loved her 50 Shades recaps, you’ll also enjoy her recaps of the latest from the 50 Shades empire, Grey.

PS—I know—not episode 80, as I state in the podcast. :sigh: I will learn to count one day. Promise. 😉